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Where to fly drone

With more than 5 million drones sold in the world, the sky is no longer the limit for drone pilots. But sometime it's hard to find place to fly drone, especially in big city such as New York. There are a few designated sites around the city parks. So we came with the idea to build a crowd-sourced platform to share local drone flying site. Drone pilots can submit local drone flying site with photo once the submission is verified, it will show the site public. It's a great resource to find drone flying sites. We have collected over 2600 drone friendly sites around the world and the dataset is growing. Hard to find a good drone flying spot in a big city? Or just visit a new place and don't know where you can fly drone? You can find cool drone flying site verified by other drone pilots.

Screenshot of queens flying club in New York City.
The recommended flying sites are not exhaustive and are simply meant to provide direction, use under pilots own discretionary. We are not aviation attorneys, it's drone pilots' own duty to perform additional research on your intended application of drone and airspace. Always check local law and regulation before flight.
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