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Review guidelines

Dear Drone Pilots, sometime it's hard to find good drone flying site especially in a big city. So we created this crowdsourced drone flying site map feature to help other drone buddy in our community. We are aiming to collect high quality drone flying site data by the drone buddy users around the world. That's why we manually review each site submitted to our app. In order for your submitted site get approved by our review team. Please follow the following guidance:

  1. Submit one actual footage of the proposed flying spot, shot either by a drone or a phone. All submitted sites must be publicly accessible locations.

  2. Irrelevant photos, such as personal item or selfies, will not be accepted during the review process. 

  3. No private home location, imagining 10 drone pilots showing up at your home tomorrow.

  4. Please include info such as nearby airport, local regulation, code, restriction etc.

  5. Please include site accessibility, parking fee or tickets, best launch spot. 

  6. Please specify if it's racing field or FPV drone friendly.

  7. Please select the site attributes in the submission page. 

Please note, we will not provide individual notifications if a submission is rejected.

The guiding principle for submissions is simple: submit information that would be beneficial for other drone pilots.

We appreciate your assistance in enriching the Drone Buddy community. Have a safe and enjoyable flight!

The Drone Buddy Team

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