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Top 6 Drone Flying Sites near New York City

New York City, one of the most iconic cities in the world, is a place that thrives on industry, opportunity and business. It is for this reason alone that drones are not allowed to fly over New York City. Drones are forbidden in most of New York City. But there are still some place you can legally fly your drone. I hope my article will help you to find your favorite spot for flying.

1, Flushing Meadow corona park:

Meadow Lake Dr, Forest Hills, NY 11375

40.73303349983711, -73.83701249484974

Bring your drone with you to Flushing Meadows-Corona Park for a fun day of photography and videography. This popular New York City park has a giant lake and offers numerous spots for taking pictures of the sky, as well as proximity to NYC skyscrapers. The designation field is near the center of this park, bordering the busy Van Wyck Expressway.

2, Lincoln Park

34 Chapel Hill Road Lincoln Park, NJ 07035

40.730764, -74.084079

Lincoln Park is not a bad place for drone flying. The property has shelters that cover a large area and are easily seen from above. The park also has historic monuments, which may be interesting subjects for your photographs and videos. If you do decide to fly your drone in Lincoln Park please obey the park rules and regulations.


Bay 44th St. & Hunter Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11214

40.584854, -73.994934

Calvert Vaux Park will be on of the places where remote pilots can get some of the best drone footage in New York City. There are so many VFR pilots flying around that it sometimes feels like you are out in the country, rather than the heart of Brooklyn or Manhattan’s Midtown. In short - if you have an RC drone, hot-air balloon or model airplane and want to share the skies with other RC pilots while enjoying stunning views of Manhattan and the boroughs – head over to Calvert Vaux Park!

While small in size, this park is big on RC fun. The location of the park gives it a wide open space to allow for intensive flying, while plenty of trees assure that you won’t lose your plane - which makes it an ideal place to fly almost any RC aircraft. One note: Calvert Vaux Park is best for experienced flyers - either those with extensive practice or those with multiple planes (so they have a backup if needed).

4, LaTourette Park Model Airfield

299 Alaska Pl, Staten Island, NY 10306

40.571621, -74.165514

LaTourette Park Model Airfield is one of the nicer places to go for drone flying in New York City. The open field gives pilots a lot of room to fly, and there aren’t many obstacles that could be dangerous. This is a great site for new UAV pilots to learn to fly as well. Pilots can even bring their own drones, which helps add to the appeal. Overall, this is a nice place to go with anyone who owns a drone, or anyone who wants their first experience with a drone.

5, Senator Speno Memorial Park

745 E Meadow Ave, East Meadow, NY 11554

40.707721, -73.549460

One of the best places to fly drones in Long Island, New York is Senator Speno Memorial Park. The parks offers parking and two baseball fields, a handball court and basketball courts. If you have nearby wind turbines, you should definitely check them out if a beautiful place to fly your drone.

6, North Hempstead Beach park

175 W Shore Rd, Port Washington, NY 11050

It is one of the best location to launch and fly a drone in Long Island area. I would highly recommend it if you are looking for some beautiful view, isolated area and short take off distance.

For more info about where to fly drone, download Drone Buddy App to see.

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