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Introducing Sponsor Post Beta

We are excited to announce the launch of the Sponsor Post Beta on Drone Buddy Flying Hub, a new feature designed to create a dynamic marketplace where drone-related businesses and drone pilots can connect seamlessly.

What is Sponsor Post? Sponsor Post is a pioneering feature within Drone Buddy Flying Hub that allows businesses—from real estate agencies needing aerial photography to companies requiring drone surveying, inspection, or training services—to post their requirements directly on an interactive map. This innovative platform facilitates a direct connection between businesses that need drone services and skilled pilots who can fulfill those needs.

Features and Benefits:

  • Visibility on the Map: Your business needs or service offerings are pinned on the map, making them easily discoverable by drone pilots in your vicinity.

  • Targeted Reach: Post your drone-related jobs or services to a focused audience of drone enthusiasts and professionals who are actively seeking opportunities.

  • Easy Communication: Drone pilots can directly contact you through the app, simplifying the process of negotiation and collaboration.

  • Versatility: Whether it’s a one-time aerial shoot for a real estate listing or ongoing drone surveillance for large-scale projects, the platform is designed to support a diverse range of drone services.

Join the Beta Program: As part of our beta release, we invite businesses and drone pilots to join this community-driven initiative. Your participation and feedback will be invaluable in enhancing the functionality and user experience of the Sponsor Post feature.

How to Start: To get started, simply download the Drone Buddy app, sign up for an account, navigate to the Drone Buddy Flying Hub, and tap on 'Add a Sponsor Post'. Pin it on the map. Fill in the details of your service or requirement, and you’re all set! Your post will be visible to drone pilots who use the app and are looking for opportunities just like yours.

Join us in shaping the future of drone business interactions with Sponsor Post Beta, where opportunities take flight!

Sponsor Post Rules and Guidelines

To ensure a productive and positive experience for all users, we have established the following rules and guidelines for Sponsor Post submissions:

  1. Eligibility:

    • Only businesses offering drone-related services or seeking drone services are eligible to post.

    • All users must have a valid and active Drone Buddy account.

  2. Content Requirements:

    • Posts must clearly describe the service being offered or the requirement needed, including relevant details such as location, date, duration, and compensation.

    • Only post legitimate and legal drone-related jobs or services.

    • Do not include any misleading or false information in your post.

  3. Professional Conduct:

    • Communicate respectfully and professionally with all potential drone pilots.

    • Ensure timely responses to inquiries from drone pilots.

    • Provide accurate and clear instructions to avoid misunderstandings.

  4. Compliance:

    • All posts and subsequent drone operations must comply with local, state, and federal regulations.

    • It is the responsibility of both the business and the drone pilot to ensure all legal requirements are met, including necessary permits and licenses.

  5. Prohibited Content:

    • Do not post any content that is offensive, discriminatory, or inappropriate.

    • Avoid using the platform for any form of harassment or spamming.

  6. Safety:

    • Prioritize safety in all drone operations. Provide clear safety guidelines and ensure that all drone pilots adhere to them.

    • Report any safety concerns or violations to Drone Buddy support immediately.

  7. Feedback:

    • Provide feedback on the platform and your experience to help us improve the Sponsor Post feature.

    • Report any issues or misconduct to Drone Buddy support.

  8. Manual Review:

    • Although sponsor posts will appear after payment, we conduct a manual review to ensure compliance with our rules. Posts that do not comply will be removed, and the associated account may be banned.

By following these guidelines, you help create a trusted and efficient marketplace for drone services. Thank you for being a part of the Drone Buddy community and contributing to the success of the Sponsor Post Beta.

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