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Drone Pilots Best Friend

Drone Buddy has all the key info you need to fly drone safely. Accurate wind speed and weather forecast, no fly zone map, drone news, and awesome flying sites.


Wind Speed Forecast

Drone Buddy provides a very accurate hourly and daily wind speed forecast, preparing for a smooth flight. No more disappointment due to heavy wind any more.

No Fly Zone Map

Over 62000+ airports data around the world, US National Parks and UAS flight restriction maps. Multiple map style available. Customize airports map circle distance based on drone pilot's certification.


Where to Fly Drone

Hard to find a good drone flying spot in a big city? Or just visit a new place and don't know where you can fly drone? You can find cool drone flying site verified by other drone pilots. Submit your favorite local drone flying site to help other drone pilots too.

Drone News and Stories

Serve you latest drone news and stories, keeps you updated with current trend in the industry.


5 Star User Review

I use Drone Buddy everyday before I fly. Drone Buddy helps me make my decision not only if i can fly due to wind speed, but also where am I located to an airport. The precipitation reading and the hours of sunrise and sunset make this app a complete and easy to use tool. Thank you Drone Buddy


Perfect for on the go an last minute drone flying! I travel a lot an when I see a drone opportunity I just pop open this app and see what the conditions are like without delay!!

~Josh Alecci

This app is so useful for drone flyers everywhere!!! Truly enjoyed it 👍👍

~Fichtel Family

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