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Drone Pilots Testimony

This app is so useful for drone flyers everywhere!!! Truly enjoyed it 👍👍

by Fichtel Family – Jun 30, 2018

Drone buddy is absolutely awesome. I highly recommend using the app before flying your drone.

by JRT1982 – Oct 2, 2018

This is an app with actual utility. I like the wind and sunshine hours information. The maps with the restricted zones help make this a one stop shop app for planning my drone flights. I also like the idea of the local chat with others, it should be useful when I travel to new places and have questions.

by GridReaper – Nov 24, 2018

I use Drone Buddy everyday before I fly. Drone Buddy helps me make my decision not only if i can fly due to wind speed, but also where am I located to an airport. The precipitation reading and the hours of sunrise and sunset make this app a complete and easy to use tool. Thank you Drone Buddy

by Kickthegoptothecurb – May 30, 2018

I needed a simple app that would tell me the cloud coverage and wind speeds prior to drone flights. I tried 10+ weather apps and all of them had the wind feature hidden behind many steps whereas this app has the wind speed on the main page as soon as you open it. Perfect. I have not tried the paid version yet but seeing how great the free version is I’m motivated to buy.

by xLocstax – Dec 13, 2018

I’m satisfied.🚁🛸 thanks , Drone Buddy ✈️ Tim c.

by Area420tc – Nov 15, 2018

Are use this app every single time before I take my drone outside. It tells you temperature wind speed when direction and more. It's simply a must-have for any serious drone enthusiast. Would highly recommend.

by Erikthe9reat – Jan 6, 2017

Great app! The layout is simple, clean, and to the point. Displays your wind speeds and no fly zone radius.Simply check the app and enjoy your flight!

by EmbodimentOFaProdigy – Nov 17, 2015

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